Stay in the forest!

Disappear, get out of the thread of the plague-soaked world of DISHumans! Get rid of the plague spirit! Forget about them and live True!
Create the Forest Expanse! Ascend to the Halls of Veles (W.O.T.A.N.), listen to Mother Earth!
The dust of earthly promises and stuffed bellies will feed the land of the single forest of Europe, just as the insignificant ones will remain dying cattle – to strengthen the Opposition of Elements and Essences with their fading death.

And even as a descendant of the gods, the herd worm will sit in you. Until you realize this truly human nature and eradicate it in yourself.

Humble yourself and repent to an insignificant Judeobeast if you are offended.

For those who perceived the Poison – you should consider. Resist the light of blindness.

Azelsgard – Wojna Bez Konca.



Hordes launched by The Horned Forest Deity will slowly torture you.